Getting to Know KawaiiFaceMiles

Alex Beaven
3 min readJun 24, 2019

Like many fighting game players, KawaiiFaceMiles began her journey in the FGC through her love for the games. Over the years, Miles has continued to grow within the FGC not just as a competitor, but also as one of the Tekken scene’s most well-known personalities.

Source: @KawaiiFaceMiles

At the start of 2019, Miles had announced her departure from her previous team, UYU. “I had the panicked urgency to want to immediately latch onto another team”, she stated. “But after a while, I really sat down and wanted to figure out what I wanted for myself and my game plan for my brand.” Inspired by Justin Wong’s approach to forming a personal brand, Miles focused on her growth as an individual. “I want to align myself with brands and companies who support me and what I do, and not because I am on a team.”

Throughout the year so far, KawaiiFaceMiles has worked with a number of companies such as Victrix Pro, Advanced.GG, and even Papa Johns for brand partnerships. When speaking about becoming a brand ambassador for Victrix Pro, Miles stated: “The company has been super supportive in providing me with all the necessary equipment in order for me to perform and do my best at tournaments, and even checking in with me during pools at majors. I think overall I’ve really felt supported by a company who believes in me and what I am trying to accomplish for myself, and it’s kept me really mentally and physically positive about events.”

Miles began her 2019 tournament season with an impressive 13th place finish at Final Round, though her commitment to improving and climbing to the top hasn’t stopped there. “Lately I‘ve been having more consistent performances and I feel that I’m right at that point where I’m almost to that next level in terms of my gameplay”, she said. “I don’t want to jinx myself with anything, but I am trying to really push myself to get further by my next major.” With trips to upcoming tournaments such as NorCal Strongstyle and EVO 2019 already planned, Miles aims to show the world just how strong she can be.

Alongside competing in tournaments, KawaiiFaceMiles also works hard on her content creation through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. “Managing my personal life and content creation AND Tekken is literally a 24-hour job”, said Miles. “Personally, I am a workaholic and I do not mind working day in and day out, but for everyone else including me, the biggest advice I can say is to really find a balance for each part to equal out.”

Growing her brand hasn’t only been about competing and streaming, though. Always exploring new options, Miles has continued to work with artists such as Pondersleuth in creating new merchandise for sale, as well as forming her own website at


Being one of the FGC’s standout female competitors, Miles also does her part in making new community members feel as welcome as possible. “I love the community as a whole and I would never stop supporting it, but one thing I really want to see is even more women joining in. I have seen so many new and beautiful faces joining the battle at events and honestly, I want to see even more of that.” With her charisma and personality, it’s easy to see how KawaiiFaceMiles inspires fellow female players to try their best within the FGC.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2019, Miles’ passions for competitive Tekken and content creation are stronger than ever. By continuing her progress on a personal brand and grinding for tournaments, her audience has much to look forward to for the remainder of the year. “I’ve got a lot of goals and such little time with half the year gone, but I will do my absolute best to achieve them.”

Be sure to follow Miles on Twitter at @KawaiiFaceMiles, and tune in to her Twitch streams on